Company Overview

PTPL, is a manufacturer of RF components constituting IT products and is committed to exploring and adopting the new technologies taking shape in future. We are a professional manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of IBS components and BTS installation material, RF Connectors, Jumpers, and high grade antennas designed for various segments by our qualified and experienced Engineers.

It is a rapidly growing enterprise undertaking the supply of contemporary range of IBS components and BTS materials which includes Directional and Omni directional antennas, RF components, Microwave components, RF connectors, RF cables, Digital coaxial cables, Optical fiber adapters, Dual band Yagi antennas, Coaxial cables, LAN cables, Optical fiber products, Telecom components etc.

Our well-equipped research and development lab facilitates the staff to acquire the state of the art technology converting it into innovative products in order to address the ever increasing demands for efficient telecom products. We supply several types of Antennas such as GSM Antennas, CDMA Antennas, WLAN Antennas, Multiband Antennas and many others products. We offer our products at competitive price based on strong business relation.